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Harrisonburg Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Teenage girl dies in tragic tow truck accident

A Virginia Beach teenager was killed on Wednesday after a tragic car accident with a AAA tow truck. The incident happened in Virginia Beach at the corner of Kempsville Road and Princess Anne. The deceased 18-year-old girl was a riding as a passenger in the backseat of a vehicle that her mother was driving at the time of the accident.

In addition to the fatally injured teen, the girl's mother and her sister were both hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. As of last reports, the sister was still receiving treatment at the hospital.

Can I recover compensation after an 18-wheeler jackknife crash?

Commercial trucks are much larger and heavier than the typical motor vehicle, which is why semi-truck versus car crashes often result in serious and deadly injuries. A very common type of accident involving big trucks happens when the vehicle jackknifes during a turning maneuver.

In a jackknife incident, the trailer attached to the cab of a semi-truck doubles back. This usually happens when a truck driver is trying to back up and turn at the same time. However, just because a jackknife occurs, it is not automatic proof that the driver of the semi-truck was negligent.

Tips for staying safe as a pedestrian

Being a pedestrian is healthy. It gets you outside in the fresh air and gets your legs pumping with some great exercise. However, as pedestrians, Virginia residents also have to share their space with automobiles and this presents some very real risks and dangers. By following the tips in this article, Virginia pedestrians will be able to limit these risks and help avoid accident and injury.

First, never cross any roadway unless it is by way of a designated crosswalk or at an intersection. Simply running out in the middle of the road is extremely dangerous because drivers may not be keeping an eye out for you. By choosing to only cross the road at a crosswalk, you will be increasing your visibility to drivers and this will do a lot to limit your chances of getting hit.

Bicyclist killed in Virginia Beach car accident

An unsuspecting bicyclist was fatally struck by a motor vehicle in Virginia Beach on Thursday. Police confirmed the news and said that they were currently completing a fatal accident investigation regarding the unfortunate incident.

Although investigations have yet to be completed, what police do know is that the incident happened at the intersection of Salem Road and Independence Boulevard, and it resulted in the closure of multiple lanes of traffic along these major thoroughfares. The roads were closed until 4 p.m.

Representing car accident victims in Virginia

No one plans on getting into a car accident, but they happen to us in spite of this fact. Fortunately, most people who are involved in car accidents only have a minor collision or a fender bender and they are able to walk away from the incident unscathed. However, if you were involved in an injurious car crash, then you will need medical care and you might have some important legal questions.

At Miner Martin & Hahn, we represent the victims of car accidents and help them pursue personal injury claims relating to the damages and injuries they suffered as a result of their car collisions. One question that we get a lot is: What should I do first following an injurious car crash? The answer to this question is always the same. Contact 911 and get the police and an ambulance out to your location immediately.

Strategies to increase seatbelt usage in Virignia

Almost everyone is aware that the simple act of using a seat belt can increase your chances of surviving a car accident exponentially. The problem is, not everyone is willing to use a safety restraint regularly. This poses a challenge for community leaders and lawmakers in Virginia: how can we save more lives by getting more people to use seat belts?

The go-to strategy for most state lawmakers involves the creating of seat belt laws. These give police the power to pull over, ticket and fine drivers who are not wearing seat belts and/or drivers who have passengers who are not wearing seat belts. The most effective seat belt laws cover all the drivers and passengers in the front and back of a vehicle. Indeed, there is no reason why anyone should endanger themselves by riding in a car without a seat belt no matter where they are sitting.

Motorcycle accidents: Helping to make Virginia roads safer

It is far easier for a motorcyclist to get seriously injured in a minor car crash than a motor vehicle driver. Motorcyclists are highly exposed and unprotected in any kind of vehicular collision. At Miner Martin & Hahn, PLC, we are sensitive to this fact, and we are highly familiar with the unique factors that only come into play during a motorcycle crash.

For one thing, motorcycle wrecks where the motorcyclist is hurt due to no fault of his or her own, usually happen via one of several common ways. Perhaps the motorcyclist was lawfully driving the speed limit and other traffic laws when a car driver cuts across traffic by making a left turn without yielding, for example.

Virginia auto insurance disputes may be on the rise

Automobile insurance companies are trying to cut corners when paying for car accident damages. A Virginia news agency recently completed a study to investigate what kinds of replacement parts insurance companies are paying for, and they found that many insurance companies only buy cheap after-market parts, which are not made by the original manufacturer. Mechanics often complain that these parts can be dangerous and do not fit properly.

In the news investigation, one auto body shop claimed that they are seeing more instances of insurers refusing to pay for original vehicle replacement parts. As such, customers are forced to make do with these substandard replacement parts, which often cost about a quarter of what the original parts cost.

Preventing a truck accident as a result of driver fatigue

Many trucking companies are considering the use of new safety technology in their trucks to help prevent driver fatigue and accidents. For example, one program will notify a truck driver that he or she has been driving non-stop for a certain number of hours and it is time to take a nap. The biggest companies are already using systems that provide turn-by-turn directions to help drivers optimize fuel costs and time. Could other types of technology help drivers stay ahead of the curve when it comes to fatigue?

The decision of where and when to take a nap has historically been up to the truck driver based on his or her personal needs. Unfortunately, the automation of route is not helping drivers manage their sleep time. According to a truck driver fatigue expert, a driver could be totally compliant with the duties of the job while at the same time be extremely fatigued, sleep deprived and falling asleep behind the wheel.

Car accident claims in Virginia

A car accident can happen at any moment and any time, and as careful as Virginia drivers are, there is nothing we can do to prevent them with absolute certainty. In the event that an unexpected car accident causes injuries to a Virginia driver or passenger, it is important to evaluate the evidence relating to that accident to determine who is at fault. This is the first step in determining whether a particular injured party may have a viable claim for damages.

At Miner Martin & Hahn, we have over 60 years of combined experience pursuing personal injury claims on behalf of car accident victims. We know exactly what to look for to evaluate liability and we aggressively litigate any case we take on to seek appropriate financial restitution for our clients.