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Harrisonburg Motor Vehicle Accidents Law Blog

Woman suffers critical injuries in Virginia collision

At approximately 3:30 p.m. on April 13, a car crash occurred near Town Center in Virginia Beach. A woman was trapped in her SUV following the collision, which sent her vehicle flipping over five or six times, according to police and a witness nearby. Other witnesses described how loud the impact was and that the airbags failed to deploy.

Two women, both Army combat life savers, rushed to the injured woman's aid along with a male witness. One woman located the victim's driver's license and started calling her by name so that she would keep on fighting for her life. She said that she wasn't breathing and her lips were blue.

Motorcyclist killed in 2-vehicle crash

A motorcycle accident that occurred in Virginia on April 5 resulted in the death of one person. According to the Virginia State Police, the crash took place on Route 13 in Temperanceville at approximately 2:50 p.m.

A sergeant with the police department stated that the motorcyclist was traveling southbound on Route 13 when a Chevrolet Suburban that was being driven by an 81-year-old man suddenly turned onto Route 13 from Saxis Road. The vehicle traveled straight into the motorcycle's path. The impact from the collision caused the motorcyclist, a 52-year-old man, to be thrown from the bike.

2-truck crash kills Virginia motorist, injures another

Local news reported an accident that occurred on the morning of March 29 between two pickup trucks, which led to one driver's death and severe injury to another. A representative of the local police department said that the details of the accident had not been finalized at the time of the report, but preliminary information was available.

The representative stated that the deceased woman, 62, was driving northbound on Princess Anne Road when she lost control of her vehicle. She overcorrected, crossing into opposite lanes and colliding head-on with a truck driven by an off-duty local firefighter. She died at the scene, according to the authorities.

Bus flips on its side with 54 passengers onboard

A bus affiliated with Princess Tours was headed for Georgia when it went out of control and flipped on its side. According to the Virginia State Patrol, the bus was southbound on I-95 in the vicinity of Stafford, Virginia, just prior to the incident on March 17.

One female passenger spoke with a TV reporter about how it appeared that the driver was getting anxious about finding gas at around 4 a.m. She said that he then began to drive faster through the snow. Just after she expressed concern about the bus getting into a wreck, she reported that the bus began to fishtail. The bus came to a rest on its right side. One passenger described the impact as "terrible." She said that people were screaming.

Bus driver crashes on snowy highway in Virginia

During the early morning hours of March 17, a Prince Tours bus carrying 58 passengers crashed on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia. The bus was traveling from New York to Doraville, Georgia, and was being driven by a 50-year-old man from Flushing. The bus had one more stop in Virginia before it was scheduled to arrive in Georgia.

A police spokesperson said that the man was driving too fast on the snow-covered highway, which caused him to lose control of the bus and drive it off the road, where it overturned. The man was arrested and booked at Rappahannock Regional Jail in Stafford County, and he is being held on a $5,000 unsecured bond. The driver is being charged with reckless driving.

Pedestrian struck and killed by drunken driver

Police officers said that a 27-year-old man was killed after he was struck by a pickup truck in Virginia. The man was walking along the side of the road in Newport News when the truck driver struck him, according to reports. The 29-year-old driver stayed at the scene and called police to report the pedestrian accident. The injured man was transported to the hospital for treatment of his injuries; however, he was later pronounced dead.

The accident occurred as the vehicle, a GMC Sierra truck, was traveling southbound on Warwick Boulevard as it came off the ramp from Ft. Eustis. Law enforcement officials reported that the driver was taken into custody and placed in jail after he was charged with driving under the influence and involuntary manslaughter. Records indicate that this is the man's third alcohol-related driving offense. At the time of reporting the driver was being held in Newport News City Jail.

Mother of 3 killed after being struck by dump truck

A 39-year-old Virginia mom was recently killed after being struck by a dump truck as she was interacting with her child in her vehicle. According to the report, the mom had her minivan parked near her son's school when the dump truck hit the vehicle and took off the side door.

The accident was still under investigation at the time the report was released. However, the driver of the truck had not been charged and was reportedly cooperating with the authorities. The woman is survived by her children, ages 2, 4 and 5.

Toyota recalls 295,000 cars worldwide

Owners of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the area of Harrisonburg, Virginia may have already heard about the recent recalls announced by the Toyota Motor Corp. Several weeks ago, the company recalled 1.9 million of its Prius vehicles due to errors in their hybrid systems. Now, the company has announced that an additional 295,000 cars belonging to both the Toyota and Lexus brands will be recalled worldwide due to a brake actuation defect.

Documents submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reveal that the affected models may suffer from inexact fluid pressure in their wheel cylinders that could, in some circumstances, cause a serious car accident, although no such incident has thus far been reported. Sources indicate that the vast majority of the vehicles recalled, which include Toyota RAV4 SUVs and Tacoma pickups as well as Lexus RX350 crossovers, were sold in the United States, and all of those affected are from model years 2012 and 2013.

Agency truck hits, kills VDOT contract worker

A contract truck driver that was clearing roads for the Virgina Department of Transportation was struck and killed by another VDOT truck. The car accident took place in Ashburn, Virginia at about 6 a.m. on Feb. 13.

According to police, the driver had pulled over and was standing behind his truck when the dump truck hit him. The worker was transported to a local hospital, where he later died of his injuries. The dump truck driver did not suffer any injuries in the incident. Police are continuing their investigation of the accident. This is the second weather-related fatality to occur in Virginia recently. On Feb. 12, a head-on collision killed one man and severely injured another. According to police, weather was a factor in the fatal accident.

Faulty gear switch in GM vehicles associated with 6 deaths

Virginia GM vehicle owners may have heard that a recent recall involving approximately 778,562 of its 2005-2007 Chevy Cobalt and the 2007 Pontiac G5 was associated with six deaths. According to the report, this particular recall involved faulty ignition switches that may have resulted in a severe injury or even death when the car accident occurred.

The faulty ignition switch can cause the vehicle to turn off if it is jarred. GM reported that at least 22 accidents have been associated with a faulty ignition switch. Additionally, owners who have heavily loaded key rings can potentially cause damage to the switch mechanism and cause the vehicle to turn off. If the something happens to the switch mechanism while the car is being driven, the vehicle can stall or the driver can lose power to the steering or brakes. In the event an accident occurs, a faulty switch may also cause the airbags to fail.