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Harrisonburg Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Settling after a drunk driving accident can be effective

When you are learning to drive, one of the things you have drilled into your head is to drive defensively. You are told to always be polite on the road and to drive as if your grandmother were in the car with you. However, there are times that no matter how well you drive, the person in the other car is driving while intoxicated (DWI), and he or she causes you to be involved in a car accident. This can happen in the blink of an eye.

The effects of this crash can leave you injured for quite a while and you may have some unexpected costs, such as losing your wages because you can't go back to work yet and medical bills that are absolutely horrendous. At the Law Office of Miner Martin & Hahn, PLC, we know how damaging this type of accident can be. We have helped many people in your situation and we take our role very seriously. We know that you need to be healing, not dealing with the insurance company or with the civil court case that you may want to file.

What is aggressive driving and how can I handle it?

When you are involved in a car accident that wasn't your fault, you wonder why the person in the other vehicle did what they did. Were they distracted? Were they texting? Or were they upset and driving aggressively? Chances are, they were angry about being cut-off in traffic and took it out on you. Being able to react quickly is important on the road and some people act in a way that leaves you injured and your car totaled. There was literally nothing you could have done to prevent this accident.

Aggressive driving is a huge problem today on the highways of Virginia. We all have our own ideas about how to define aggressive driving. It can mean that someone is tailgating you too closely or has run a red light and struck your car. It can even mean driving too slow in front of you and causing you to rear-end them. The National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration has had many conversations with law enforcement officials and the judiciary. They define aggressive driving as occurring when someone commits a combination of traffic offenses while they are moving. These actions endanger those people in vehicles around them and can cause injury and property damage.

Rules to follow to avoid a pedestrian accident

Walking in the state of Virginia is an experience that you may want to take advantage of. There are beautiful areas that can be an encouragement to getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors. There are rules that pedestrians need to follow if there is vehicular access to the area where you want to walk.

When you are walking you can wear light and bright colors so that drivers can see you clearly. They even sell reflective vests that you can wear if you are walking when it is dark. Having a flashlight can also minimize accidents when you are walking. Sometimes, it seems that there was nothing you could do to avoid being hit by a car. You stayed where you were supposed to stay, you had on light clothing and you were so careful of the safety laws. You get hit and you are severely injured and now you are missing work and facing heavy medical bills.

1 dead in 3 car accident in Virginia

Being the victim of someone's reckless driving can leave you injured; sometimes seriously. You have a general expectation that people who are driving on the roadways of Virginia will follow the traffic laws and rules. Sometimes, this doesn't happen.

Your car is totaled and you are left with expensive medical bills and rehabilitation. This doesn't take into consideration that you may also miss work because you can't walk or your neck is hurt and you can't move it well enough to do any good at work or anywhere else.

Commercial vehicle accidents are frightening and injurious

While it is important to the economy of the United States and to Virginia in particular that semi-trucks and commercial vehicles use the highway, it must be said that getting into an accident with one is truly frightening. Not only are they heavy when they are empty, they are even heavier when they are full. They are much longer than an average car and have four areas that are blind spots for the driver of the truck.

Did you know that directly behind the truck, directly in front of the truck and on either side of the truck there are blind spots where the driver cannot see you? A general rule of thumb is if you can't see the driver in his or her side mirror, he or she can't see you either.

What is your recourse when involved in a drunk driving accident?

Being involved in an accident with someone who is driving after having imbibed too much and is over the limit of .08 blood alcohol content (BAC) is jarring and can cause horrible injury. The person who causes these types of accidents is driving with great negligence and should be held accountable by hefty fines, loss of license and even jail time. If the accident caused the death of someone in another car, this can result in a felony arrest and will require a court action of some sort.

The act of being in a car accident of any sort can cause the officer attending the crash to seek a lower threshold called reasonable suspicion and will enable him or her to retain custody of an individual who may be driving while intoxicated. The officer can ask if the person was drinking before driving and can examine with a cursory inspection the car or truck to see if any liquor bottles or beer cans are in evidence or out in the open. He or she can also observe the person's eyes for any sign of being drunk. The authorities can also perform field sobriety testing to see if the person is impaired.

Fallen leaves and rain bring dangerous conditions to roadways

When you think about car accidents, your mind doesn't automatically turn to the weather causation or environmental causes. You wonder what happened and may be surprised to learn that something as simple as fallen leaves along with heavy rain can cause a car crash. It is true. The Virginia Department of Transportation wants you to take action to prevent flooded roads.

Not only is this time of year hurricane season, it is the rainy season as well. Water on the road and in your driveway can bring on flooded highways and dangerous driving conditions. Having good drainage in your yard can affect your safety and the safety of those using the road your property abuts up to. Rain is in the forecast!

Pedestrian accidents are due to careless drivers

Being safe on the sidewalk or in a pedestrian area is not a sure thing all the time. Drivers can swerve, drive aggressively, drive distracted or simply drive carelessly, taking your life in their hands. When you cross the street, you have a general expectation that everyone on the road will use caution and follow the law. You are so vulnerable because you don't have the protection that a person driving a car or truck has.

Many times, your insurance company, or the insurance company of the person who hit you, will badger you to take a low payout that barely covers your medical bills if you are injured while walking. The law firm of Miner Martin & Hahn, PLC, takes this very seriously. We have over 60 years of combined experience to put toward your case and will happily deal with the insurance companies on your behalf.

How many people die or are injured in drunk driving accidents?

Many times, being involved in a car accident means injury to you and property damage to your vehicle. If the circumstances under which you were struck by another car includes the other driver drinking alcohol before getting behind the wheel, the chances of you coming out unscathed are almost nil.

Approximately 700 people were killed in traffic accidents 2014 in Virginia. Out of this number, 251 were killed by drunk drivers. This was a .79 percent decrease from 2013 but the number is still very high. Considering that the drivers were blowing a Breathalyzer test that was at least .08 percent, this means that the statistic could be higher if the blood alcohol content was lower, but still involved drinking and driving.

Keeping safe while walking is important to the U.S. government

Walking is great for your health. It promotes weight loss and a general feeling that you are doing the right thing. The U.S. Surgeon General and the U.S. Department of Transportation have come together to promote walking safely for your health in a campaign called "Step It Up: A Call to Action to Promote Walking and Walkable Communities."

The U. S. DOT recognizes that walking and even wheelchair rolling is the beginning of any trip you take, Being safe is of utmost importance. Creating a safe environment for pedestrians is what they want to create. Being hit by a vehicle is not something anyone wants to go through. The U.S. DOT wants you to know that they take safety very seriously and are promoting safe passage for all in America.